About Luke


I'm a millennial but...

I'm not one of those stereotypical whiny kids you hear about on the news. I've had a job ever since second grade when I was a paper carrier for the local newspaper. I did that for seven years and won carrier of the year. Having said I'm not a whiny kid, I realize I'm standing on the shoulders of giants everyday and I hope to give back to others in the same way.

The internet and personal computers grew up at the same time as I grew up. The progression has felt very natural and I get along good with computers and technology. The first computer I ever used was a an Apple II at the computer lab in my elementary school, The Oregon Trail blew my mind.

I'm passionate about art and design, making things, always learning, and solving problems. My bucket list includes: riding a motorcycle to Alaska in the summer and/or driving to Alaska in the winter.